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In God We Trust


iamthediscofapper says:

This is why it’s so hot there.

BuckToothedCobra says:


LurkerFrag says:

Woah, calm down Satan.

LadyHaywire says:

But…..isn’t it proven as being 616 now?

PillsforSleep says:

He should drive up to Utah.

ipeedalittle says:

I only down voted to keep it at 666

MiningMule says:

Revelation 13:18 Perhaps someone should read it again.

TheMexicanLemon says:

I’m so jealous…

Phallus says:

The record high for your city is 48 celsius.

CowAndChickenAndChuckTesta says:

Can you pick these plates or does it say “In god we trust” on all car-plates in Arizona?

maximumgoofy says:

Atheists are a very small, very loud minority

vanishplusxzone says:

1) Gender might rarely, but often? No. I know a lot of cops. The biggest indicator of whether you get out of a ticket or not is what you

vanishplusxzone says:

2)did, the second biggest is how polite you are. A guy that’s gotten 7 tickets for 10+ mph speeding and running stops can’t call sexism

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