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In Praise of Non-linear Career Moves


MarleyP12 says:

how sad am i…

Pierre Fred Walter says:

You must be kidding, buddy! Harvard is the first of all universities in the
USA and even worldwide. I was glad I could afford to work at UGA LAW SCHOOL
back in 1985 as the tuition fees were about 8000$ a year, Harvard was
25.000$ per year. (That’s long ago, right?) And you are saying they cannot
afford an HD camera? You made me a laughing moment tonight, buddy!!

DebuggerTube says:

so true, this does happen. And only few see it as a chance for success.

Pierre Fred Walter says:

What, this is clearly an HD video but downsampled to play fast on Youtube.
All movies of this channel are HD and are professional in every respect.

Memubitsu says:

Guy has guts though

Pierre Fred Walter says:

Very interesting interview. My career was not a straight line either, going
from international lawyer to educator and corporate trainer and then to
freelance writer and musician. The interesting thing is that in America a
nonlinear career path is considered to be a signal of high IQ and
flexibility, while in Europe it’s considered as a ‘deviation’ and a
‘character weakness’. Guess why I like the American paradigm here? By the
way, in Asia, it’s quite the same as in Europe. Paper qualifications.

OneEyedChihuahua says:

Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering how career transition is seen in
other parts of the world. Good information to consider in my job search.

IWantSoundKnowledge says:

Harvard can’t afford a hd camera?

IWantSoundKnowledge says:

well I guess Harvard can’t afford a fast internet connection to upload HD
720p. ha

IWantSoundKnowledge says:

I was being sarcastic.

Pierre Fred Walter says:

You are very welcome. If you need any more advice, you can write to me. See
my About page here and there is also a contact page on the site: ipubica
dot com forward slash about forward slash pfw forward slash Best wishes,

Diego Flórez says:
Elaine Mathton-Boivin says:

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