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INFLUENCERS In-depth Series features Steve Stoute, Founder and CEO of Translation, a brand management firm that arranges strategic partnerships between Pop C…

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ClienteleConnectCEO says:

@NubianDinka Nujabes – Feather

Delores Randall says:




rosey10880 says:

How is linking celebrities with corporations creative or original?

Rock Hub says:

Steve, is a very smart young brother. Keep on keeping on Steve.

emdeethelegend says:

This guy has done so much in and for Hip-Hop and that’s all you will

anatolianINVASION says:

Thank you for this insightfull video.

hoodfellah says:

i love listening to steve stoute, when he speak u can visualize exactly
what he’s telling u, theres no doubt this guy is a gangster

victor okwaro says:

excellent video, the music, editing, imagery and foremost what steve stoute
is saying, he’s one business savvy dude that anyone can learn from…

Hugues Wasco Mub says:

i like it…good culture

Andrea E says:

I agree. Poorly paired brand and artist is just lame. It screams “Sell
Out!”. A fine line exists between cool and confident…ha! sometimes
Confident company + cool artist = lame. I don’t mean to criticize him but
he, too sounds a little forced. Relax, just be yourself man.

nashbirthday says:

What’s the song until 1.14mn?

el84oro says:

lmao i actually appreciate steve stoute’s effort in hip hop especially the
wroks he did with nas…reminds me of a time when hip hop had its essence
and it was all based on rhyming and music ability, not gimmicks, not style
copying, not tweeter followers , not looking like sponge bob square
pants… but u know someone just had to point out puff and the
champagne bottles, didnt see any comments on it here and just could not
resist lol

rosey10880 says:

@interactivesystems I saw him on Piers Morgan and he seems unintelligent. I
was very shocked and disappointed at his interviewing skills. It seems like
a business man should know better!

el84oro says:

didnt puffy and his boys knock this guy upside the head wit champagne

Havin says:

I so enjoyed this video. This guy is really smart.

Wize Management says:

INFLUENCERS In-depth Series features Steve Stoute, Founder and CEO of

District Affiliates says:

An In-Depth Look At The Power of Influence:

JohnBluntTV says:

we have to move pop culture

cubedmack says:


kuwsc says:

Perfect example 2 chainz and Adidas. He did an interview saying he only
wears VL

BeatBreakJ says:

Nuabes!! 😀

cubedmack says:

Respond to this video… It’s not.

NubianDinka says:

the aesthetic of the video is capturing. whose beat/ which track is
underlying 2:33?

Theshepherdsco says:

very profound visual imagery, appreciate the interview technique.

Interactivesystems says:

@rosey10880 it is. deals are like a work of art in themselves these days.
you just havent read the contracts, if you did youd know.

Trevor Godinho says:

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