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Documentário criado pela R+I Creative mostra como as pessoas são influenciadas pela criatividade e atitude. Através de vários exemplos, eles tentam descobrir…

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Eddie Morales says:

Really cool video about influencers!

Sarah Marie says:

great video, but I found it hard to concentrate. Music was distracting. >:(

Travis De Silva says:

When can I expect to see the rest of this documentary?

Clarinsa Pitoy says:


C5Boozer says:

@bhabooshka you can get the mixtape, which contains all of the songs at

Neowone says:

Akiko – love theme from “Spartacus” 😉

TheArtkaw says:

Search for Press Pause Play.

oliv16 says:

@bmacaubas também gostaria de saber

Elliot Martinez says:

I am instantly inspired to influence! Thank you.

Ryanae1 says:

Awesome vid, great job guys.


Love the series. Great work!

Ashley James says:

Thanks for posting this. Ive tried to be an influencer for some years now,
check out my youtube guitar channel

Роман Млаахов says:

What music is playing in the credits?

agencetarmac says:

@DSILVR This IS the documentary.

hamza dhirghami says:

love it !! thank you

Luana Marques Soares says:

love it!!

JonPhenom says:

A really great piece. All those ppl speaking in this have great individual
stories as well. Great music choices, amazing transitions. Really love that
you guys have done this.

eddie watts says:

im humbled……..

Diego Boyd Ferrando says:

Jaque Fresco is the icon of the new era

victor okwaro says:

excellent,inspiring, very well done, everybody needs to see this

Xola Zig says:

I’ll post it on my FB! You guys need to spread it all over youtube!

iBrade says:

iis there anything else simillar to this?

Frédéric Therrien says:

Les vrais influenceurs !

Catherine Frybourg says:

Les vrais influenceurs Merci @fhink

Giovannipaolo Ferrari says:

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