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Influencing Customer Behavior With The Power Of Analytics

Featuring George Mathew, President and Chief Operating Officer at Alteryx, and Steve Stoute, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Translation

In modern society, consumer behavior/choice determines the winner and losers in our global economy. How is data/analytics being leveraged today to impact these consumer outcomes? Music executive and entrepreneur, Steve Stoute, and enterprise data expert, George Mathew, cover the changes in consumer behavior with respect to urbanization, hip-hop, and multiculturalism and when analytics can be leveraged to profit from this changing landscape.

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dee ceez says:

wow. you could tell he knew trump would win and what that meant. you could see his mind racing at the end. amazing video

Justus Harley says:

Steve is such a genius man. Great interview.

Brice says:

Thank you for this video, Steve is a great speaker.

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