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Internet Wisdom


utopiaa says:

Sometimes when I’m on tumblr, I see a funny gif.. then I use it on imgur.

jlopezvr7 says:


scooterpooter86 says:

ohhh the double equal sign! you must mean business.

ScientistSalarian says:

Isn’t using photoshop to create memes like buying a mac to use facebook?

Mariax says:

Whatever you say. Next.

thehammerismypenis says:

What is this. A Bagy for ants?

drugsarebadbutfeelingsareworse says:

Is…is this true? Every time someone posted a trite aphorism on fb I was filled with rage…but now…you are the Zen koan pupeteer

Knightwing says:

Haha, most of mine aren’t that popular, but these are %100 real and the whole thing’s a joke. I can prove that it’s mine if you want.

kartoffel says:

Then dont use tumblr if you dont like it…..

johhnybluevein says:

i almost died last friday and all i do is spend time on this 🙁

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