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DomCobb says:

So true.

darikm7 says:

As Tony Stark, haha please.

ThatGuyStaringAtYouFromTheCorner says:

Since when was there ever a line for the men’s bathroom?

Jericobot says:

Why do rabbits have quiet sex? Because they have cotton balls. Aaaaaand it’s lunch time

petronius says:

Concerts, football games at half time, whatever gas station men’s room your mom sucks dicks for rock.

ajizzle says:

don’t talk about your mother like that

tenkarasu says:

Rumor has it that people buy giant TVs just for the Super Bowl…and then return them. Really, guys? I’M WORKING THAT SUNDAY.


Idiocracy anyone?



samscheese says:

ESPN Game zone

thequickbrownfoxjumpsoverthelazydog says:

so not ironic. yup, I am that person.

Thuperduper says:

My bathroom trips have tripled in time since I’ve started taking my phone in with me

FlightOfConcords says:

That’s why I got an iPad.

ahawl says:

Literally read this while taking a dump

ProjectFreak says:

I love this webcomic!

ubermatik says:

Wii U.

savoreverysecond says:

Solution: Better bathrooms.

mynoseislongandgrowing says:

Is it ok to want to kick a rabbit in the back of it’s mouthy head?

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