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iSteam Steamer for Clothes [Powerful Technology] Dry Steam 7-in-1. Handheld Garment Wrinkle Remover. Portable Mini Steam Iron, Clothing and Fabric Accessory. for Home / Travel [H106]

Unbe-wrinkle-able Results!
We have designed this last generation steamer for clothes to provide you with a powerful steaming experience. Our new nozzle design distributes steam powerfully and consistently to remove stubborn wrinkles. A compact and modern design that makes the iSteam a portable steamer and easy to travel with.

Completely Safe to use and Gentle on all types of fabric. It Heats up quickly to emit powerful wrinkle-busting steam. Includes an automatic shut-off feature for safety protection. High-capacity tank: 10 minutes of continuous steaming!

How to use iSteam:
1. Unscrew the nozzle head by twisting it towards the marked direction.

2. Fill the tank with water up to the desired level, but never exceeding the maximum. Screw the head back on and make sure it is completely locked and secured.

3. Turn the power switch to ON. The switch light indicates the steamer is on and ready to heat up. Within 60 secs, the steamer will emit a powerful steam flow from the nozzle.

4. When the unit runs out of the water, shut if OFF. If you wish to continue using the steamer, just repeat the whole process.

5. When completely finished, turn the switch OFF, unplug the steamer and let it cool down.

Relevant Info:

Don’t turn the steamer upside down or tilt it past a 45° angle

Never use the steamer on clothes that you are wearing on yourself.

For better results, use a hanger for your clothes while steaming.

In case water is spurting out from the steamer’s nozzle while boiling, it might be related to high levels of minerals or impurities. Use distilled or purified water to prevent this. Don’t mix the water with any other solutions.


Dimensions: 8″x5.5″x3.2″ (in) | Weight: 1.1 Lbs. | Power: Ac 120v | 60hz | Up to 900w | Includes User Manual | 3-Year Warranty

Product Features

  • ULTIMATE IRON STEAMING TECHNOLOGY, UPGRADED VERSION – New Hi-Tech Heating Panel! Heats Up Within Just 60 Secs. Powerful Soothing Steam Flow To Remove Stubborn Wrinkles For Over 10 Mins. Home Multi-use: Steam Iron, Clean, Sterilize, Treat, Refresh, Humidify, Defrost And More.
  • THE PERFECT STEAMING ON AMAZON: EASY & SAFE – Manufactured Under Strict Safety Guidelines. Automatic Shut-Down Feature When Water Gets Too Low. Its New Nozzle Design Provides A Dry Yet Powerful Steaming Experience. The Perfect Holiday Or Wedding Gift! Make Your Family And Friends Happy With This Wonderful Iron Steamer.
  • SUPERIOR WRINKLE REMOVER – Powerful Clothes Steamer, Highly Effective And Gentle For All Kinds Of Garments Or Fabric. Instantly Erase All Wrinkles From Your Favorite Suit, Shirt, And Dress. Works Great on Delicates, Drapery, Even Beddings. Perfect For Last-minute Ironing Emergencies: Save Time And Money. Don’t Let Annoying Creases Ruin Your Events Or Trips.
  • THE IDEAL TRAVEL STEAMER – TSA APPROVED When Empty For Carry-On Luggage. Easy To Store In Any Suitcase. An Ideal Portable Travel Accessory: Compact And Light-Weight Handheld Steamer. IMPORTANT: For 220v Outlets, Must Be Used With A Voltage Converter + Adapter Plug.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: 3-YEAR SELLER WARRANTY – You’ll Fall In Love With This Portable Steamer For Clothes. For Any Assistance, Let Us Know. An Amazing Customer Care Team Is At Your Order For Immediate Assistance. Order Now!

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Anonymous says:

Good steamer. Great company. Got the steamer yesterday and immediately tried it out on one of my husband’s shirts. Worked wonderfully. Super lightweight and easy to use.Then I get an email from the company telling me they’re a small but growing company that employs differently abled people. I LOVE THAT! As a mother of a young adult with special needs, this made it personal.I didn’t pick this steamer with any knowledge of the company. I picked it based on the reviews. I am so glad I did. I would buy it again. I…

Anonymous says:

Excellent product for natural fibers! This couldn’t be easier to use. Open the top (following the instructions for which way to open or close), pour in water to just below the Max line, put the top back on, plug it in, flip the switch and wait for around 60 seconds. It’s very small so I end up needing to refill for every garment, but the size also lends itself to portability. I had the best results when I held the garment taught with one hand and used the steamer like an iron with the other. Despite giving a 5 star rating for…

Anonymous says:

I’m am also happy I purchased from this company because as many people …

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