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It All Comes Back to You: A Book Club Recommendation!

“It All Comes Back to You is one of those stories you need to savor. You want to put the book down so as to have more to read tomorrow, but you can’t. It becomes attached to you, a part of you.”
Dan Brown, Author of Reunion

It’s 1947.
War’s over, cherry-print dresses, parking above the city lights, swing dancing.
Beautiful, seventeen-year-old Violet lives in a perfect world.
Everybody loves her.
In 2012, she’s still beautiful, charming, and surrounded by admirers.

Veronica “Ronni” Johnson, licensed practical nurse and aspiring writer, meets the captivating Violet in the assisted living facility where Violet requires no assistance, just lots of male attention. When she dies, she leaves Ronni a very generous bequest―only if Ronni completes a book about her life within one year. As she’s drawn into the world of young Violet, Ronni is mesmerized by life in a simpler time. It’s an irresistible journey filled with revelations, some of them about men Ronni knew as octogenarians at Fairfield Springs.

Struggling, insecure, flailing at the keyboard, Ronni juggles her patients, a new boyfriend, and a Samsonite factory of emotional baggage as she tries to craft a manuscript before her deadline.

But then the secrets start to emerge, some of them in person. And they don’t stop.

Everything changes.

Alternating chapters between Homecoming Queen Violet in 1947 and can’t-quite-find-her-crown Ronni in the present, IT ALL COMES BACK TO YOU is Southern Fiction at its hilarious, warm, sad, outrageous, uplifting, and stunning best. In the tradition of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand and Olive Kitteridge, Duke delivers an unforgettable elderly character to treasure and a young heroine to steal your heart.

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Anonymous says:

You won’t believe the ending. I’m not good with words and have never given a review on a book before, but here goes.I LOVED this book. I was interested in this book because it is about my home town and my high school. After reading the first chapter, I was hooked and could not put it down.It was entertaining and had such a suspense to it that I just had to keep reading to find out what happened next.I recommend this book to everyone who loves to read. It not only shows the happy things in life but…

Anonymous says:

I really miss Violet and Ronni! Have you ever finished a book and felt a sense of loss because it was over? Beth Duke is a master at developing characters that crawl into your heart and stay. When you get to the end of this book, you really miss these funny, charismatic, quite real people. You care! Beth is a gifted writer who knows how to weave in twists and turns that keepthe reader captivated to the last page. The sweet town of Anniston is given its proper due. Beth is one of brightest stars to RISE from…

Anonymous says:

I All Comes Back to You. Truly an enjoyable book! I found this book easy and enjoyable to read. Beth Duke did a wonderful job of introducing her characters and her storyline and grabs your interest right away. The relationship between Ronni and Violet was very heartfelt and truly believable. It made me wish that I knew them both in real life. Violet was quite the character with lots of charm, confidence and beauty and made you feel that everyone really did love her. I have close to one thousand books on my Kindle and put this book near…

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