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Japanese protest against anti-foreign and racist rallies “혐한시위 규제하라”


nightofshanghai says:

You have to understand that it is not xenophobia.
Object of Japanese anger is restricted to Korean.
Koreans have pretended victims of slavery despite they were illegal
And they have enjoyed the privilege.


Japanese nationalism is been gaining a head of steam in recent years.
The Abe administration, while reacting fast to ensure a somewhat distorted
view of history, has been dragging its feet about clamping down on
hate-rallies… which includes hostility against ethnic Koreans living in
In an attempt to counter the mood, hundreds of citizens took to the streets
of Tokyo on Sunday to protest against racial discrimination.
Sohn Jung-in reports.
Around one-thousand people from different ethnic backgrounds gathered on
Sunday to march against hate speech at a rally in Tokyo′s bustling Shinjuku
The participants wanted to spread a positive message in opposition to hate
rallies, holding signs urging peace and reconciliation.
They even chanted a song that called for an end to discrimination against
Koreans living in Japan.
“I took part of this rally because we should not allow hate speeches,…
not only from Koreans and Chinese but also from us Japanese.”
In August, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
called on Tokyo to firmly address manifestations of hate and racism, as
well as incitements to racist violence and hatred during rallies.
However, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party is lukewarm about legislating
a law against such rallies, under the pretext of the freedom of speech.
The opposition Democratic Party of Japan plans to submit a bill that
prohibits racial discrimination within this month.
“Do you know how Japan is perceived around the world? There′s a strong
belief we are way behind in terms of the human rights issue.”
While the Shinzo Abe administration drags its feet over legislating a law
against racial discrimination, it plans to promptly take action to ban a
textbook that says the Japanese military forced women into sex slavery
during World War Two.
Sohn Jung-in, Arirang News.

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