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Jay-Z Speaks On Cristal’s Statement


AbstractClarity1 says:

Yeah us Jews run this shit! Even Jay Z is our bitch. If you listen to hip
hop just know us Jews are the pimps of this mother fucking game. We own the
entertainment industry bitchs.

Iftak Nayeem says:

BAR AND PUT OTHERS LIKE ROSA. i read ON WIKI…sell went down for that
bumbby these more thn jus that some new shit like beats n LV i learned um.
GAGAS versace

mel man says:

your just another slave trying to live off the mentality off the elite
rich..grow up your just another poor white man whom theyve forgotten are no diffrent than anyone else that is not in the top 10% of
rich.nice try

Ari Gold says:

Dude, you’re rocking some nice shoes!

mel man says:

white people tend to think they are powerfull or that slavery will come
back and that they will take over the world like pinky and the
brain.unfortunatley the facts are your no more of a slave now then anyone
else who is not the top 10% of the rich people join the crowd

sickgeezer says:

Why would they care what people do with their wine if they gave them money?
That’s like a camera brand being associated with porn films.

UnfathomableThoughts says:

How was it racist? I wouldnt want a brand of mine to be associated with hip
hop artist’s, it makes it look cheap and trashy. That’s exactly how I
viewed cristal for a very long time.

DailyHiphopNews says:

@findmedog dnt give a fuck bout ya dislike…dumbass/faggot

sickgeezer says:

Hip-Hop artist usually come from poverty and when someone who came from
poverty builds wealth as quickly as musicians do they live out their
braggadocious dreams. If you became a rockstar that sold out stadiums
wouldn’t you want to crowd surf and fuck teenage groupies?

JaySmitty33 says:

The true story is the son of Louis Roederer commented that his family is
privately owned they worked hard making their hand picked wine and didn’t
want to see it on the back sides of women in videos. Cristal is one of the
only Champagne’s that is privately made and the best handpicked grapes you
can get. That is the initial true story they just didn’t want to see their
wine’s being wasted.

ssplayboydon92 says:

@UnfathomableThoughts but rappers rock gucci, louis versace &.ralph lauren
my dude

tinlongtin says:

@soulfulLuva yes it was a racist comment and if it wasn’t for hip hop it
would not be trending with with the kids of today, plus cristals had a rise
in sales due to hip hop. and having a car back in the day was exclusive
with a particular clientele but guess what times change.

Arkhitektz says:

you pussy-ass motherfuckers aint got no business drinking that shit in the
first place…what kind of a bitch drinks christal?like some fuckin’ 17th
century french aristocrat or some shit buy a bottle of cheap whiskey and
drink it in the street you bitchass club niggaz…hip-hops supposed to be
raw,grimey,STREET!!!the fuck happened?you all listenin’ to faggots in
suits?acting like they gangsta with cigars and fly cars…bitch,you got
rich by makin’ music…stop acting like a fuckin’ don

mel man says:

Trying to strive off that ol slave master mentality is what enslaved you in
the first place.

olbear303 says:

Money = Power…. Nobody gives a fuck if you’re “real” or not.

RUNDMC182 says:

Boondocks !

IdiotEpidemic says:

So blacks can have FUBU that specifically states in its name, for us, but
cristal doesn’t want to be associated with rappers and/or thugs /etc.

soulfulLuva says:

it wasnt a racist comment Jay Z ought to know better Dom P or Krug is
exclusive with a particular clientele and has been around for 100s of years
and I wouldnt want it cheapened by associating it with guns, drugs and a
ton of negativty!!! Why would they say thanks they dont need you and you
are not doing them any favours!! Krug is not Nike and hip hop is not the be
all and end all!!

DailyHiphopNews says:

@findmedog lmao why??

kdavidmcd says:

“We don’t want your big nigger lips drinking our fine wine.”

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