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JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Mint


Anonymous says:

Not a Bose but IMPRESSIVE

Anonymous says:

Good Sound and Performance Missing Connect Plus Nice construction JBL quality. Sound quality is good it’s not tinny or hollow. Highs and mids are crisp and clear bass is thumpy. No droning or distortion. Easy to connect and no drops. Phone calls are good. Person on the other end heard me clearly. Battery life is good. Overall volume level is good although some may want it to be louder. For this size it’s good i can hear it while I’m showering. Its waterproof so maybe next time I’ll have it in the…

Anonymous says:

Just what I was looking for …. BUT … automatic shutdown noise a real problem! My main reasons for getting a portable Bluetooth speaker were to 1) be able to listen to music and recorded books while doing other tasks without having a headphone stuck in my ear and 2) listen to bedtime stories and sounds to help me get to sleep. The little JBL Go 2 works great for the first purpose but not for the second.I had had some reservations ordering it because I had seen comments about the unnecessary and obnoxious chimes signalling startup and shutdown. However, I went…

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