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Just a tiny chopper inside of a needle hole.


thegreenblurr says:

Dat detail…

FrictionShliction says:

I’d be more impressed if it was a tiny camel.

samthemule21 says:

Get to the chopper!

CheeseItWereBoned says:

oh my god oh my god oh my god no comments…. uuhhhh….. titty sprinkles….. crap

imtryingtothinkofaname says:

Im calling bowlshit?

theDogter says:


PantsBegone says:

What is this, a chopper for ants! What was that? It is, really? Ok, this is a chopper for ants.

tawmie says:


NotReallyJustKiddingIfOffendingAndNotACompliment says:

Something with banana for scale.

metz3006 says:

Ever take it off any sweet jumps?

BuettWutt says:

Great, now I’ll never get the string through.

Pezy says:

Guys, the girl of my dreams is now with another man. Please hold me 🙁

narwhalforsale says:

You see, if you take a tiny, tiny drillbit, set it to the side, and then hand the needle to somebody more talented than you, it can be done.

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