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Just strolling through…….. ruuun!


jenklk2 says:

Never gets old. Until now

tikbalag says:

I love this gif.

StelFury says:

You’re all dumb

HatsAreEssential says:

If it is illegal, it’s because of this guy :p

MagnusDeacon says:

Jeez, how many times is the opposing team going to fall for that?

TheSnugglingElephant says:

I may have a few favorite gif

Riyakou says:

The greatest play in the history of football.

Murrdogg says:

I may not be too knowledgeable in sportsball, but I think this is clever?

ebic says:

But.. did he make it?

stelliokontos says:

The referee didn’t call it out during play so I guess so, that chest bump at the end though, that was brutal.

DrSparks says:

This is my favorite play in all of football.

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