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Just walk away, walk it off


PandaPanduh says:

that man is definitely Russian….

Stranjer says:

Was that a Mime at the end?

jojololacola83 says:

Escape gruesome death…… Fuck this, i’m walking home

OriginalDutch says:

Welcome to Russia.

oodlesunoodles says:

Must be Russian.

Pos7al says:

It was clearly his Jacket’s fault. Go home Jacket, you’re drunk.

StarkRG says:

He clearly wasn’t travelling very fast.

EMTatchoservice says:

not god enough, dropped coat.

HexaFerrus says:

Sometimes semi drivers are fcuking idiots.

fantastapotamus says:

I like that, but 3:28 and 5:30 take the cake for me..

zombieplague says:

The guy was probably aware of his sloppy driving and expected the worse…which has happened.

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