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Kanye West Finally Made An Instagram, And Twitter Is Lighting Up


You heard the news correct, friends: Kanye West has launched an official Instagram account.

It has zero posts, but a casual 230,000 followers, growing every minute.

The lack of photos hasnt stopped anyone from going absolutely ham over Yeezys new social media voice.

Theres major hype on Twitter:

Some people pointed out theKimYe Insta empire is almost complete.

Then there were otherswho just dont understand how the media works in 2016:

He hasnt even got a profile picture and everyone is hanging on to the edge of their seats to see what hes going to post first. I hope its inappropriate.

Interesting development, though, because Kanye recently said he ditched his phone so hed have more air to create.

That was the last tweet we saw from the big guy, so maybe he did actually get rid of the cell.

What are you up to, Kanye?

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