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KARMA: Man who beat his own child to death gets beaten to death by cellmate

Regardless of your own prejudices and stereotypes in mind, prisoners generally stick to strict rules of conduct – meaning there’s just some things you don’t do.

For example, you don’t mess with little kids. Period. That means pedophiles and those who’ve murdered children really don’t fit in well in most prison systems. Shocking, right?

Back in 2010 a man named Daniel Wilson was arrested for the murder of his 7-month-old child, and it wasn’t a pretty or clean one either. He had beaten the life out of his own young baby, punching him in the head, leaving behind fractures and bruises galore. He even admitted to dropping him on a counter on his head at another family member’s residence, overall just an absolutely disgusting human being.

During his trial, Wilson pleaded guilty for the act of second degree murder and was sent to the Potosi Correctional Center. Well, coincidentally he’s recently been found dead, killed in his cell by his cellmate Brandon Kuthanek with brain injuries, skull fractures and bruises galore. Talk about ironic, right Alanis?

Whether this was a planned dose of prisoner’s justice or an argument gone out of control has yet to be revealed, and the correctional facility has yet to mention much more about it. It’s obvious our current paid-for prison system isn’t the right way to do things, but is this?

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