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Kendall Jones called racist, anti-gay for hanging out with Willie Robertson [pic]

Here’s a photo that’s sure to make members of the rage mob lose it: Texas college student and big game hunter Kendall Jones meets Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson.


Here’s Jones’ full Facebook post:

Had a great time hanging out with Willie Robertson the other night! It was fun sharing hunting stories with the CEO of Duck Commander. Looking forward to going on a duck hunt this coming season.

Tolerance Squad, activate!



And here’s one from someone who seems to like the Duck Dynasty guys. It’s just the “young blonde with her legs out” that disgusts her.


In addition to the nastiness, the photo has  over 31,000 Facebook likes. And the Facebook hate is almost mild compared to the daily nastygrams directed at Jones on Twitter. Here are some from today:

I FUCKING HATE @_Kendalljones_ !!
She needs to be shot!
So much anger towards that bitch.— Kaitlyn Kardashian (@pink_lover12) July 29, 2014!/demirishman/status/494052302526111744

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