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Kidde KN-COSM-BA Battery-Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm with Talking Alarm (6 Pack)


Anonymous says:

Know your sensor type, do you research! “Photo vs ION “ Know your sensor, do you research! Understanding “Photoelectric” detectors vs “Ionization” detectors, this knowledge could save your life. This is an Ionization Sensor plus CO Sensor , but does not do well with Smoke. I tested this myself with a smoke bucket, and could not get this alarm to go off. Im sure direct heat would have triggered the detector at some point, but why hold your breath waiting for smoke or smoldering fires. I purchased a similar detector that uses…

Anonymous says:

Detector saved my life. Last evening at 9 pm. my kidde alarm when off. I have a wood stove and sometimes I can get a little smoke in the house and the alarm has gone off for that. But last night it started saying, carbon monoxide. That has never happened before. I called 911, they said to get out of the house and wait. When the fire department came they said I had high levels of carbon monoxide in the house. 60%The alarm is upstairs high on the ceiling near the top of the stairs. I was watching TV…

Anonymous says:

Defective unit and non-existent help from their “urgent” help line or email to customer service. I have several Kidde alarm units in my house. One I purchased late October 2015 quit working. The test button would not trigger a test. Changed out the batteries with brand new batteries and it still would not work. I attempted to call Kidde Customer Support on 2 different days, the first weekday in the morning, I was placed on hold for 15 minutes with no response. Called again, sat on hold for 45 minutes, again with no agent coming on the line, only the “Your call is very important to…

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