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FuckTheRedWedding says:

Ya burnt!

TazGodan says:

She may need a whole lot of these:

homobean says:

She’s actually gotten really bad. Her acting is cringeworthy now. In my opinion at least, I’m sure others differ.

TKBarbus says:

Lilly truly is the product of a sassy gay couple

hareofwar says:

I think she’s always been pretty bad. It feels like she’s just repeating lines given to her off screen.

FreckleNapper says:

To those criticizing her acting skills, or lack thereof, let us remember that she is actually a child…

PasswordMightBeTaco says:

really? cause me and everyone i know cant stand lily/her character. annoying & bad acting. show would we better without

damadamagoyolur says:

She’s 4 years old for fucks sake…

Oskyldig says:

Well, the kid in ET is pretty fucking good.

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