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Killajoke debbie..strikes again!


squweable says:

Oh Debbie.

Sivien says:

The more you know the more the humor seems to elude you.

srm519 says:


skellious says:

I hate it when people tell me I’m “ruining” a joke when I’m just trying to help them be more informed. Get interested or get out.

shoeboxwarrior says:

This comment….it was top comment last time too wasn’t it?

gimme says:

The name covered by yellow is almost as long as the status o_0

iamcompletelysirius says:

Since I’m being less negative…people who always need to be right, you’re great. Keep up the good work!

DaveyTennant says:

Fucking Debbie

danielsdesk says:

literally rolling on the floor laughing at this

ThisIsAReallyLongNameThatYouWastedTimeReading says:

ATM Machine… Automated Teller Machine… Machine. Dammit. I’m going to jump off the OCD cliff now.

samsonguy920 says:


whitter86 says:

Debbie’s always a bitch. Just ask Dane Cook.

dutchvaleriandynamite says:

I’m from Wisconsin and you must live under a rock. TYME was the original acronym.

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