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4ThaLuvTube says:

P.e.a.c.e. 2 to the Gods and Earths/Goddesses – Big Upz to my faM in that
ATL, fasho. – P.e.a.c.e./Hotep –

qyietdove says:

ashe. luvin nature 😉

HiddenBlackHistory says:


amante7777 says:

Something about this video is very powerful…I can feel the positive
energy emitting.

7floridaboy says:

man gucie man trippen kennedy spoke out aganst the evil in our government
and was killed for it


Eatonton, GA have many great scared mounds. Over 476 acres of undeveloped
land own by the lost tribes there of our ancestor. This is the land Malachi
Z York was trying to recover trhough his system.

yemenyaratehuti9 says:

i got sumthing on that lodge as soon as you pill got my info ,but
if not leave me a message and i will get back asap.

J Bey says:

next time you come to the a. hit me up god 6465447682

richkid639 says:

Not bad blue pill you got your game tight Kabbalah is everything. Hotep

Ptah Annu says:

we were looking into same building.. smoothe ashla lodge close 2 20 also,
both had serious structural damage.. however if u know some caroenters ie.
taj tarik bey and some others i know K.J. of da A. the building going as is
4 nothin

CmplxBsc says:

that’s what’s up.

slugger103 says:

Powerful Excellent

Thee Rebel says:

i got love for ya’ll!

OnePlusOneEquals3 says:

Ashe, this is excellent

Shiv Dion says:

word lets open our own lodges

acemonsta01 says:

Lol watching out for that bumble bee!!

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