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apachie7 says:

Did u peep out the offbrand manifest outa no ware Lmao

matrixmaster79 says:

Its a wrap for this planet, especially here in this country, the belly of
the smelly beast. I make sure I tell everyone I meet how to raise Kundelini

Meanwhile says:

they say peace becuz thats wat they want..but doesnt mean that they are
bitches..they understand that if they want peace it means war ..they
understand that but there end result that they want to achieve is peace

DATKIDD179 says:


Brooklyn1919 says:

Real Talk I call it Gay-Town.

silents08 says:

it’s true wot he’s sayin at 7:56 i went 2 watch a 3d film yesterday and you
can see where they r trying 2 go wiv all this 3d stuff trying 2 bring it in
to reality …

matrixmaster79 says:

And They go and get James Cameron with his Avatar shit, we know us when we
see it, Too late to pay homage now motherfucker, Hollywood can’t make an
apology to our suffering, the verdict has been rendered. We are all coming
together by order of dna.

MrSonofOsiris says:

shut da fuck up DICKFACE KILLA

kirtrevans says:

What about the southern states we super dead Im like the only dude from
mobile alabama with part of the knowledge. I drop shit everyday in the hood
I have no help I just give word of mouth. thats the only thing I do right
now. My moms and some hate to hear me but I keep going. I tell them that
white jesus madea family reuion shit urks me so I keep coming at them hard.
Im right next to the fiends dealers killers spitting hot ass words for they
ears some actually pick up from me. I need a teacher


Peace NegroXFile i used to be an ATLIEN I Ran thru ATL on my Brooklyn
Bullshit 98-00 then 03′ Tha God Helped plant alotta seeds of Consciousness
& Built alotta Bridges so im somewhat aware of the Psycosis that exists
down there Holding back Brilliant,Motivated,Talented & Intergallactical
beings and I gove Full Props & Respect to the GODS & GODESSES that are
holding it down out there We only adding on GOD buildin moor bridges..

Brooklyn1919 says:

“A real Black Conscious Brother aint Peaceful” You a dumb crazy ass fuck!!
Why the fuck we ALL say “Hotep” and “peace god” “peace fam” if a “A real
Black Conscious Brother aint Peaceful.” Your one foolish boy. Seti just
said he wants peace “so he ain’t a real Black Conscious Brother?” What the
fuck is a real black conscious anyway??

Brooklyn1919 says:

NegroXFile ur the kind of dude that makes a peaceful brother wanna revert
to his old ways & pimp slap a dumb nigga.

Brooklyn1919 says:

NegroXFile you crazy as fuck mane!!

septube26 says:

Come to California

PLANETROCK21229 says:

Somebody tell me plz were can I find that shirt Bro. BlackDot is

Mac Awli says:

conscience brotha, will sacrifice his life to bring peace to our people ,
the ultimate goal is peace, what you mean

AnnunakiBey says:

8:24 “this what happens happens when you talk about them muthaf*ckers they
manifest” LOL! White dude standing there for no reason. That sh&t was funny

Brooklyn1919 says:

Booooy you could not bust a nut..Another key board gangsta. You was on the
nutz a a second ago what happen homo ass dick rider nigga?? Fuck off
NegoeXFILE no mo reply’s to pussy ass fake thugs at least Saaneter doing
something where your videos nigga?? You all talk.

tamarrus1 says:

it always get interesting at the end!

Size10ShoeTube says:

8:19 – 8:29 HA! And peep the caucasoid behind Aseer with the dreads,
creature manifested on both sides of the clip

crownman11 says:

Asabey1972 you right. The consciousness in Atlanta is so dead. The
mentality in Atlanta is follow a crowd, be self centered, and materialistic.

silents08 says:

and there was a white women standing wiv two latino girls one with dreads
watch it again

tamaradaluvgoddess says:

I love your videos!! The end was very deep! Keep informing the black nation!

onelovespeak says:

LOL!! I peeped it!!

Moor knight says:

The whole community gets love,

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