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afterray says:

i that the eye on horus ( his left eye) on his face ? did not horus give
seth an orgasm — homosexual ? “salvation. what that word means,
representing our people” ? get the hell out of here with that narrow minded
view… salvation ( FROM A POLITICAL point of view) is for the masses —
NOT just “our people” crap — really.

Shawnee Bey says:

Come to Cali Polight plzzzzzz

afterray says:

“viegueze” — puerto rico. **** does this FOOL think that that’s a joke ?
1st. of all — that part of puerto rico has been fixed by the phenomonal
organization of the puerto ricans…

RylzRiles says:

what was the name of that book store polight mentioned

afterray says:

this fool thinks patriarchy is ok…” higher cognition” ? — get the hell
out of here with that crap.

R Mundy says:

When was this video done? and that streaming that he talks about with the
information is it for sale now? that we have past the date of 12-4-11.

Tonya Dinkins says:

Brother Polight is speaking of True Ma’at. I do appreciate this level of
consciousness and thought..

afterray says:

1) “viegueze” — puerto rico. this FOOL thinks that the situation of
viegueze is like that of the present black situation ( communities) — BS
big time. REALITTY : * the puerto ricans made a change that revolutionized
the structure of viegueze — many were killed ( kids) in the lovely
rebellion… *********** NONE of these puerto ricans ( rebells) were in a
spell ( thumb sucking / toe licking / butt smelling) an individual that
claimed to be a “master teacher / guiden pen / phoroah”…

MsHoodoogirl says:

Where can i get this particular lecture that polight is speaking of?

AMENYAHEL32125 says:

Unity nuf said nbwo

Tonya Dinkins says:

he is very responsive on his youtube Conscious9Conscience

noel leader says:

Big up to brother Polight because knowledge is power ……. For those of
you that disapprove of the message or messenger, go somewhere else on you
tube and find those in whom you agree. ….. You wont because your very
essence is negative and subconsiously your filled with envy and joulously.
This is a young brother who is creating a lane for himself and forcing no
one to listen. Instead he is inviting whomsoever to consider his
information and if you approve than build. Black Power !!!

fortgreene31 says:

brother kick some real science. I would like to know when is the next
event. Hotep

szcbg says:

anyone know how to get in touch with polight?

Ptah Annu says:

this a real brother to us, his people.. he loves us, and i luv him wadu’-
patriotic?- don’t belitle this good god!- he is being NOBLE! negros r shrm htp peace allah i mean arra- and thanx to polite cause
he is a ra[ra god, sun cycle] allah a moon god..

Shyvonne69 says:

I just want to know why he has the eye of horus around his eye.

Felipe Alem says:

I wish this dude live here in Brazil.Fuck it mane.

mazambulla says:

bro when u come to africa

Holdupsteve says:

What’s the point of negative comments? Least man is doing something it’s
not about agreeing with someone, it’s about them pushing the limits to get
YOU to think..

afterray says:

2). “viegueze” — puerto rico. how dare this FOOL talk out from his behind.
************** i have MUCH respect for those vieguezians ( fealess) that
made a compelling change — cleaned / get the navy / missle practice the
hell out of their home… NONE of these BRAVE peurto ricans kissed the
concept of a “master teacher” horse dung…they made a change via sound
ideology — **** NOT licking the congruous of a meditation / praying to
the gods of ancient — sorry, york. ur approach is done.

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