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visionkingdom says:

This Brotha thinks Alot like Myself! He’s 100% right!

Master Khepera Nu Kher Ba Ra says:

Now this is very intelligent discourse, the man knows what he is talking
about. I for one will support such a soul, and any other like him. Hotep

SavageBarbarians says:

only “negros” claim to be all “ONE” nobody else believes that shit. so
called non-whites not your friend either, they hate your ass just as much
as the caucasion does. speaking of mexicans look up MEMIN PENGUIN.

tekkote says:

Black power! Stand together to fight the bull-shit! Unite! Freedom!

ryan johnston says:

No one..or no body will ever make real progress until you step of your
“race” or “people” and realize theres only one!

GrunnLady says:

@HybridD91 It aint about black or white, were all human. How can we all
live together if we can’t see passed that? I hate racisme, it’s stupid
cause when you do look passed that, you can see that everyone has the same
feelings and needs.

4ThaLuvTube says:

LoL. I cee u get off on this shyt. I’ve already stated the obvious,
OriginaL ppL all come from one hue-man source. Save the bitch talk 4 ur
reflection, cuz based on ur commentz U know We Cee the Bitch in U –
P.e.a.c.e. to Common btw, and Rest in Piss to the original savage
barbarians and their boot liccin’ follow ups who carry on their traditions
by bearing their titles and wayz.

drum509 says:

I have black love…………..and Im a mexican chicano………I hate
white supremacy…..if anything……Mexicans and blacks should
unite…….love you guys……….we need your help

4ThaLuvTube says:

LoL. Tru TaLk. B.u.t. most don’t know this. We simpLy use theze terms, that
most ppL are familiar with, to teach them that we R all ONE OriginaL
Hue-Man FamiLy, all comin’ frm the seed of the ‘Rut’ ppL. I alwayz tell
OriginaL ppL, if u have a problem calling urself black, fuc it, we all come
frm the PurpLe PpL, whutever floatz ur boat, as long as they know we all
come frm that one ancient source. Thatz P.e.a.c.e. tho’ G.

SavageBarbarians says:

what I’m telling you is if mexicans are orginal people then caucasions are
orginal people. first off learn the history of mexico, most mexicans are
mestzio meaning barbaric spainards/savage aztec’s, their spritit isn’t even
the same as yours. Hell I would have giving you more credit if you kissed
dominicans ass who’s bloodline is more similiar to yours then a fucking

4ThaLuvTube says:

We’re not building on whut we are lacking in our struggLe. Their iz alwayz
at least one house nigger in every revolt, who tells our ppL that a rise
against the enemy.oppressor is futile because of this and that. YET WE’RE
STILL HERE – The First shaLL be Last and the Last shaLL be First. Stay
Strong, Stay Wise Black PpL – KnowLedge iz King – P.e.a.c.e. -Sutek –

DandaraTheOne says:

too many of us locked up in prison. how much is the ones with the law

kingflipp says:


jahmezis45 says:

Smart Man i like this brotha

4ThaLuvTube says:

Black ppL hate each other with a passion too, so whutz ur point?

4ThaLuvTube says:

And 4 the record, i’m not dis-regarding the white male christian structure
that set-up this fucced off azz system, i’m simply acknowLedging that if
they were our onLy problem then we would have had our will by now. House
niggerz come in all shades, bruh. We fightin’ to keep theze daggerz out our
bakkz on the daiLy. Whutz ur nationality, bruh?

SavageBarbarians says:

everything you’ve said sounds like a undignified, low esteemed sambo! you
was kissing “yellow brown red” people’s ass before, now you making excuses
talking about black people hate each other with a passion. SO FUCKING WHAT.
so because ‘black people hate black people” we suppose to be uncle toms for
mexicans, because thats all you are, an uncle tom for off-whites, I can see
it in your sprit, 100 years ago you would be the white man’s bitch, now you
korean, mexicans bitch

yahsoldier1 says:

i feel the same

tekkote says:

Real talkand now it`s time for real action and STOP hating on your own
race,or get beat down!



sagedemos says:

That’s how I got involved. Obama inspired me to get involved. Once I got
involved I realized what a fake he was.

SavageBarbarians says:

did you see all those Caucasian virgin mary’s that mexicans hold so dearly?
they have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for caucazoids.

fukTHEusa1 says:

white people are bitches..the only strenth they have is when they involve
the media or government…but they are scared of us because they know we
have the abilty to destroy everything they are doing..we just to busy doing
nothing..drugs drinking or soking weed anything is to keep u busy or to fuk
up your life..we need to start giving speeches locally…and unite the
people…not in a violant way because they use that against
you..latinos,and blacks need to unite to succed..thats the only way..

skylabx2000 says:

its nice to here a brother talking pure logic istead of a bunch of info we
can only use to feel good about ourself but can not transfer it into
nothing practical on the street the very next day

TheyhatecauseimaKING says:

LIKE YOU. ONE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4ThaLuvTube says:

P.e.a.c.e. G – EzekieL 37. We will Unite, and unfortunateLy it’z rare that
i cee other OriginaL Brown, Red, and Yellow PpL speak out on our behalf.
I’m not saying that it doezn’t happen, b.u.t. it strengthens us to KNOW
that other so-called races recognize that Global White Christian Male
Domination has to come to a cease, pbp. Unification thru Education –
P.e.a.c.e. – and on behalf of 4ThaLuv – We got ur Back – Hotep –

wakeup2nwo says:

i agree with every word he says and im white, i grew up bumping tupac day
in day out.. tupac runs the new black panthers, what you all need to
understand is that thew white man is also suppressed by the elite, they
dont want none of us to come up, i understand that blacks have been more
depressed than whites in the past but we are all locked in chains of our
own ignorance to the illuminati, the bilderberg group.. etc..

SavageBarbarians says:

their can only be 1 orginal, not 4!

FightTheJoker says:

5/19/13 Expect Us

yungworldz says:

Black Power..Death to Amerikkka..

fukTHEusa1 says:

i dont believe dat obama will change anything..i think that usa controlers
let him win so that then black people will forget about racism and also
because the world is getting more aware of what america really is…i
sapport the new black panthers and everything they stand for..they have
alot to work on and i think that they need to unite fast because they are
trying to control everything..also

JawsJaws says:

I’m glad to be your enemy. Now go kill your “brothers” LMFAO!

4ThaLuvTube says:

If an individuaL extends his/her help against our common enemy/oppressor,
then we do have they bac. Malcolm X spoke on this same issue, more than
once. Chec this bruh, I wuz born and raised in Houston, Tx so u know I’m
quite familiar with Mexicans, even stayed amongst them for yearz in my old
apt. complex, which wuz 97% Mexican, so i have some insight on the issue.
Be very clear that our enemy transcends color lines. Stay in ur studiez, it
goes beyond the surface level.

Steadno says:

true story!

SavageBarbarians says:

ask the NPP do they have any tanks, helicopters, hospitals for the wounded,
weapons plant to produce weapons ETC. Not to mention the fact that we only
11% of the population. this shit is all EMOTIONALISM and not pratical

liberatingtruth says:

Now this is what I’ve been talking about Pill, collectivism no matter what
your school of thought is.

TheBrownViper says:

@GrunnLady Ok, that’s nice and all but you’re still white.

itcoml says:

Keep the fire coming. RBG4LIFE!!!!!!

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