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omgitzdoeB says:

Ok, now I see. It’s symbolic. I’ve always wondered why Europeans have to
stamp their face on everything that people of color say or do.

nowheyjose says:

only thing i remember was that book is by Black Dot.. the title I believe
has “Hip Hop” in it

truthbetold07 says:

this is peace, but who the camera man? u should invest in a tripod.

Interdiffusion says:

Think you had enough/ gimme some mo’.

cuf53 says:

@RevolutionaryINK Thankyou for your reply.My definitions are indeed based
purely on my language study and Japanese dictionary. Expanding further,the
word Naga could also be Nāga; Sanskrit for serpent. Would that imply they
were/are people of the snake? Serpent worship was widely practised and can
be seen in religious artwork and temples all over Asia. Am I on the right
track? I will continue to follow your work and appreciate your sharing of
your acquired knowledge.

akbar malik says:

where can i get that dvd

Joe Jackson says:

right now im looking and both of yall made comments 11 hours ago lol

BluePillTV says:

The book that lays out the 28-Year Theorem of Time according to the
Gregorian Calender is called TIME & THE TECHNOSPHERE, written by Jose
Arguelles, the same dude that wrote THE MAYAN FACTOR…..and yes THE GOSPEL
OF HIP HOP by KRS-ONE…yessir! We are in post-production cooking up the
lecture of the YEAR for the family…


5 hours..

RevolutionaryINK says:

@cuf53 It would be interesting to here where you got your Definitions,
since my research has lead me to what I listed earlier. NAGA for instance
comes from a group of ancient and CURRENT peoples that live in the so
called middle eastern regions Goople THE NAGA PEOPLE. Likewise, SHIMA does
mean Island, or garden and it also means Teacher as a feminine form. Dig
deeper than the superficial, easy to find definitions often only scrape the

liberatingtruth says:

This is deep info Pill!

Edwin C. says:

i cant find “The Gospel Of Hip-Hop” and wat is the second book he shows?

kenfolk0357 says:

yo!! i’m lovin the type of info your droppin….the funny thing about you
tube is how they downplay what ur saying with an advertisement for Jay-Z’s
new record, which just happens to be the biggest plug for the total
opposite of what ur tryin to accomplish…..

SunnuAkkad says:

WOW! That breakdown of the 28 years was heavy. The twins in 1945 being the
two atomic bombs they dropped on Japan in World War II….The Twin Towers
in 2001. I gott a get this DVD!

ankh4835 says:

i got to copt this

cuf53 says:

@RevolutionaryINK Are you implying that these Japanese words (Chinese root)
come from alternate origins? Interesting proposal. That being said Naga(i)
means long and Saki means peninsula and Hiro(i) means wide and Shima means

RevolutionaryINK says:

@cuf53 I was referring to exactly that, Nāga (serpent). But Becareful when
you study not to take things so literally. Those people did not WORSHIP
serpents no more so than did the KMTians (Egyptians) worship Animal headed
people. Those Animals and Zootypes were used to depict a deeper meaning.
When you see Animals in significant artwork, study to the SYMBOLOGY to find
out the meaning behind the animal used.

RevolutionaryINK says:

I have been waiting for somebody to go in on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
NAGA-SAKI: Wise Immortal~Libation HIRO~SHIMA: HERU~Master Teacher

RevolutionaryINK says:

@cuf53 pt.2 Ancient People used living things from NATURE to represent &
depicts particular favorable attributes found within people themselves. For
Example, The SYMBOL for AMERICA is an EAGLE. It doesn’t mean America
worships eagles, it means the EAGLE represents attributes America’s
founders thought this country should or would embody. But 20000 years from
now people will say America WORSHIPED EAGLES

Haze X says:

Anyone know what book that is Blue Pill is holding up?

ankh4835 says:

how long is this dvd

RevolutionaryINK says:

@cuf53 pt.2 Hiro meaning wide is a superficial definition. HIRO, HERO, and
HERU all have the same origin. There is even a T.V. show Called HERO’S in
which the lead characters name is HIRO, INTENTIONALLY. DIG deeper. Simple
internet and dictionary definitions are intentionally placed there to
mislead. The spiritual people of those cultures didn’t simply name their
sacred lands “LONG ISLAND”, which has no spiritual meaning at all.
Everything they did had specific and SOUND reason behind it.

Kappa Gamma says:


BrodyLuv2 says:

@RevolutionaryINK Fukushima..break it down for Us.

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