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Le Guerandais Coarse Sea Salt Gros Sel De Guerande, 2.2 Pound

This traditional sea salt is naturally grey and unwashed, unrefined and additive-free. Rich in magnesium and trace elements, le guerandais coarse guérande salt offers flavors ideal for traditional family cooking. You can use it for cooking all your dishes (pasta, vegetables), meat and fish in a salt crust, stocks and barbecues. A salt used in every high-end restaurant in france, le guerandais salt comes from the guerande salt marshes where it is produced by the action of the ocean, sun and wind only. It is hand-harvested, using the salt workers’ unique, ancestral skills and it’ 100 % natural and unrefined, with no additives.

Product Features

  • Best quality & premium taste
  • Fine gourmet foods for someone special
  • Ground/standard shipping
  • High standards of quality control
  • Ideal corporate & holiday gift

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Anonymous says:

Salty Pleasure The salt of choice in this household has been the Pink Himalayan for years, with a prerequisite grinder.Read an article in an online e-mail from a recipe subscription that I receive, and the Gray French Salt was recommended. Decided to take a chance and order this 2lb bag.Oh what a difference, sooooooo much better than what I have been using. Night and day better. I am totally sold, this will be my choice going forward.Do not hesitate if you are on the…

Anonymous says:

Good stuff! Yum! I’ve tried a number of different salts but none have had the subtlety and taste that this has. I don’t know much about the process of how it’s made but the end product? Great!This comes damp, which surprised me when I first got it. That means you’ll need a specific wet salt grinder if you want to go that route. Personally I keep mine in a bamboo salt box: which dries it out just fine after a little time. Then I rub the salt between my…

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