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Le Saunier De Camargue Fleur De Sel (Sea Salt), 4.4 oz

In Camargue, France, the Fleur de Sel crystallizes in summer on the surfaces of sea water where it is carefully harvested by the Salt FarmerFleur de Sel de Camargue should be sprinkled by hand over foods just before serving to best appreciate its fine crystalline texture and special savor. Salt has long been the world┐s most essential seasoning and Fleur de Sel de Camargue will add the ultimate flavor dimension to all cooking ┐ from basic to gourmet cuisine.

Product Features

  • A great alternative to table salt
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Anonymous says:

Enhances The Flavor Of Home-Cooked Meals I love my salts. There’s a preferred salt for almost every type of food. Fleur de sel, or “flower of salt”, is a *finishing salt*. This means that after a meal is cooked and prepared, fleur de sel is added as the final touch to enhance your food. Add a little bit right before you eat and it will add a kick of flavor.If you’re interested in other salts: – good for caramels/chocolate…

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