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Lee Daniels’ The Butler


Anonymous says:

The Beautifully Told Story of the Butler Lee Daniels The Butler is the story of an African American man who becomes the White House butler during the Eisenhower years and serves through the Reagan administration. The story is told in a chronological order, so that the viewer gets to see the world changing, particularly for African Americans through the eyes of this butler. This changing world and the way father and son seek to bring about that change creates something of a generational conflict between the two that takes decades to…

Anonymous says:

The Butler: A Beautifully Acted, Thought Out & Well Made Film I am so glad a film such as this made the impact it did in today’s world. We are so used to seeing the bloody debacle of slavery and the civil rights movement we sometimes forget that there was life between and after those times and it is that which we know so little of. This film gives us an opportunity to witness life as seen through the eyes of a young boy going forward into manhood and old age from a place that is still almost frozen in time. The startling truth of the residual effects…

Anonymous says:

This movie is fantastic, and will leave you wondering how all “that … This movie is fantastic, and will leave you wondering how all “that dust” got into the room. It’s definitely heartwarming and sad, as well as genius and beautiful. Oprah is a terrific actress and she is magnificent in this movie. Forrest Whittaker is phenomenal and brutally honest as a butler who comes up from nothing to become something significant in order to provide for his family. This movie spans generations of different presidential candidates and the subsequent differences in…

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