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Left of Black with Michael Eric Dyson


Hashim Warren says:

Michael Eric Dyson doesn’t have a lot of fans in my household, but I like
him. He has a way of encapsulating issues with a clever metaphor, and
that’s entertaining enough for me.

via +Krista Summitt

kristasphere says:

AWESOME show Mark…glad to see you moving in to web video. (hand me a late
pass…I totally missed season one :-))

Monica Fisher says:

I agree; I support Obama and include Professor Dyson , Smiley, and West in
my diaspora of african American commentators , scholars and truth tellers
but what I really think about all of you is this YOU Guys are a Group of
New Milenia Talented Tenth and you don’t make room at your table for me or
my story

bjh923 says:


ClifSoulo says:

@BrotherJR76 I was suprised….until I saw him hosting on MSNBC. The same
network that kicked Cenk off and replaced him with Sharpton. But maybe it’s
just me….

BrotherJR76 says:

Great interview, thoroughly enjoyed it!! I am surprised that Dr. Dyson was
so critical of Dr. Cornel West. While I agree with his assessment, still
somewhat surprised at the level of critique.

Mark Anthony Neal says:

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