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Left of Black with Steve Stoute


Joseph Smith says:


MusicFilmArtLover says:

The gap story [17:07 – 19:52 ] is hilarious! It is a lesson to all companies trying to steal our culture, re-brand it and sell it back to the community. Since then, Corps caught on (for the most part) and hired a select few Black folks to be the whistle blowers/ head of state to manage their trendy “urban” campaigns. Sellout or is it just business?

PhilOJes says:

lol, he does laugh at inappropriate times. He don’t know what to do with himself lol

Marco Marcello says:

Steve always has that look on his face lol

LethalGreenSmoke says:

why does the interviewer keep laughing for no reason?

LethalGreenSmoke says:

ll cool j is the man looool

KingCB9721 says:

If you don’t follow your passion, you’re betting against yourself.

PaulDouglas13 says:

Despite my opinions, great interview… Needs more views/promo.

PaulDouglas13 says:

Steve is extremely business savvy, a marketing genius, but he just basically said he popularised using rap music to programme and product place to minorities with “aspirational” materialistic BS… Don’t get me wrong, I like to shine too, but he just pretty much admitted that he helped turn a pure artform into a means to validate materialism and consumerism to where every rap video is a 3mins and 30 second advert for alcohol, technology, etc…

brian johnson says:

Brilliant Dude.

bigbwp says:

The True Meaning of REAL TALK

helsinki says:

truth…..people keep forgetting that Obama inherited an Everest of problems and the congress keep disagreeing with anything that Obama offers

sdee4sdee4 says:

9:20 lol…what is that on his head

Johnson Brothers says:

Steve is the man.

boboshantist says:

Reggae blew up and was anti gay now they try to contain it by blocking visa and arresting certain artist. These anthropologist work for the devil.

goin2smwhere says:

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a conspiracy theorist here who is enlightening us….

GOOD MON€¥ says:


LethalGreenSmoke says:

i was on the fence about something… now i’m not.- Thanks steve!

pcise198 says:

first one to plausibly cause a purchase by me in quite some time

Ronny J says:

Steve Stoute very smart i love his business sense

TheBigShel says:

Steve is a smart cat! I like what he says at the end about “sharing cultural codes”

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