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shadowsd says:

Hypocrits gonna be that way. They wanna quote things like Leviticus but not follow it to the T themselves. They’ll get theirs OP just wait

Souled says:

Ummm, this is more of an issue with your insurance provider and not with laws. Just make up a new word and be done with it.

irishnovember says:

Well…this is bullshit. They wouldn’t let her die because of insurance reasons. But great propoganda and karma whoring /golfclap to you

nycnewyork says:

this completely fake story really hit me in the fuckin feels

Zerubbabel says:

If you don’t have health insurance they don’t just let yah die. Horrible debt yes. But they do have to save your life.

syphilisisabitch says:

I’ve never seen anyone denied visitation access due to marriage status. This one is a bit of a myth. (Agree with sentiment of cartoon)

CareBearWarfare says:

Better than nothing is better than nothing, Shitwipe

WellWhyTheHeckNot says:

everyone here is not on their side

MadGinger says:

the feels…. caint…handle…

Imalias says:

Oh shut up…

Zekkystyle says:

Because god hates gayes 🙂

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