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Lena Headey and Nick Offerman


FatGringo says:

commenting to hitch a ride to the front page

jpparkenbone says:

He looks more like how i had imagined davos.

game3341 says:

Tyrion – Trail by combat:

Upvoter2000x says:

too much jawbone

LoudAngryJerk says:

they add stuff not in the books all the time. would be great if the first time they see each other on screen they mirror each other

StartDancingItsARevolution says:

No wonder her brother wanted to tap that

uitSCHOT says:

with all the extra character the series writers are creating, and writing existing ones out, they’ll probably create a brother for davos too

illJustPutTheFireOverHereWithTheRestOfTheFire says:

MOTHER of Dragons you uncultured swine.

wanderbyy says:

With the hair and angle I actually thought she was a really dressed up Paula Poundstone….

illJustPutTheFireOverHereWithTheRestOfTheFire says:

Sorry that you don’t possess a sense of humour.

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