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LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream Moisturizer 1.7 Oz

This Vitamin A formulation delivers noticeable results without the irritation, redness and dryness. We use the highest concentration of plant based and active ingredients possible to deliver a healthier and more youthful appearance while hydrating without a greasy residue. Promote clear skin and help control breakouts so you can achieve a clearer, smoother, and more flawless complexion. Fresh scent derived from Aloe Vera and Green Tea so you can enjoy knowing no harmful chemicals were used. Add this to your skincare routine today! 100% Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with our product, simply contact us and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Product Features

  • – Worried about Retin – A drying out your facial skin? Our advanced, anti aging formula is designed for daily use (day and night)with maximum prescription strength effectiveness without flaking,peeling or dry skin. Loaded with the best organic ingredients for your face such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Shae Butter and Jojoba Oil. For men and women and all skin types.
  • – You’ll see results! Our premium, high potency lotion will produce visible changes with fine lines and wrinkles. Fade sun damage, spots, acne,scars and stretch marks. Improve uneven tone, skin texture and overall appearance. Repair, improve and restore life back into your skin revealing your true beauty.
  • – No oily residue left behind. Our creme quickly absorbs without a heavy or sticky feel. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and to use around your eye area helping with dark circles, milia and under eye bags. Use on hands and neck for firming and crepe skin.
  • – Works great for blemish prone areas. Won’t clog pores, cause breakouts, blackheads, pimples or irritate. Helps with uneven skin tone, fade scars and dark spots and even stretch marks.
  • – Light, pleasant smell. Contains no artificial fragrances added and no parabens. Gluten free and not tested on animals.

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Anonymous says:

Loyal to this product/brand I’m 55 yrs old. I’ve been using this product for about 6 months. I bought it because I was tired of paying over $100 for department store products and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try something new. All I can say is that my skin looks great. It’s tight, it’s clear, and it has a healthy glow. I’m attaching a photo I took a couple of weeks ago (keep in mind that I’m 55 so my skin isn’t perfect) but I think it looks pretty good. I also love the fact that I don’t have to be stingy with it…

Anonymous says:

Love!! I began my new skin care regimen on Jan 28th. I pieced together what seemed to be working for me from a few different lines of products. I follow the same routine morning and night (with a few exceptions where I was up extremely late and slept in my makeup) and I am very happy with my results! I wash my face using Olay Regenerist wash, then use a micro needle roller. I then use Acure brand Toner. After that fully absorbs, I use the Lily Ana Vitamin C Serum and the Lily Ana Retinol Cream. Then…

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