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Lindsay Lohan’s Most Endearing Moments From Her Stint As Host Of “Chelsea Lately”

1. When she referred to rehab as her “court-ordered vacation in Malibu.”

2. When she talked about her bisexual days.


3. On the famous Vine of the lady who burned herself with a curling iron:

4. When she talked about the Russian vodka boycotts.


5. When she was bashful about the cinematic gem that was The Parent Trap.

7. When Lindsay told a comic that his joke was bad.

8. Her joke about Kristen Stewart.



9. When she seethed over the paparazzi:

10. When Lindsay referenced her “bad clone.”



11. This cheesy opening monologue in which she thanked other “celebrities” for taking up the tabloid pages while in rehab:

12. …Which led to this happy moment:

13. On Justin Bieber putting a fan’s phone down his pants:

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