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LIVE From The Fortune List It’s Steve Stoute!

Check out part one of Javid’s highly anticipated interview with entertainment/advertising mogul Steve Stoute from the roof deck of his New York City office. …

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Robert Henderson says:

Anyone in his circle is successful…

Ron Shillingford says:

gent’s an inspiration

crocop4life says:

does anyone know where the hot 97 interview between steve and angie
martinez where steve is talking about the 5 million list?

youngface504 says:

dude you inspire a young entrepernuer from new orleans little city big
dreams started a cleaning co and franchise about to man handle the texas
region can you help for a write off sir new role model shit

dominic hocutt says:

you hatein cause he more successful then your favorite rappers

BrandonWebbMusic says:

The interviewer is gay and so is Steve, It’s so obvious….. But it’s cool.

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