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Lone Star

Issued in 1975, Lone Star’s debut album took what is now termed pomp rock by the scruff of the neck and delivered a record that knocked the competition sideways. Produced by famously flamboyant studio wizard Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, Foreigner, Journey, the Darkness) it displayed a sound that utilized everything and the kitchen sink – bombastic and grandiose, no stone was left unturned to achieve maximum sonic effect. Indeed, it was a record that found media cognoscenti such as Alan Freeman, Geoff Barton, Nicky Horne and John Peel falling over themselves to recommend it. Everything about this record is so right, so impressive and so gigantically over the top that nothing has come close to it’s grandeur since. Featuring future UFO guitarist Paul Chapman and containing such highfalutin tracks as “Flying in the Reel”, “Spaceships”, “A Million Stars” and a monster interpretation of the Beatles “She Said, She Said”, the album scores a suitably impressive eleven on a ten scale. Special Limited Deluxe Collector’s Edition, fully re-mastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology, includes 12-page full color booklet.

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Anonymous says:

PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST RECORDS TO COME OUT IN THE UK IN 1975 BUT GOT THE SHAFT…….. this is probably one of the most under rated albums that came out back in 1975, i have been into lone star for 35 years now and this is the best cd reissue of this album to date, this band sounded like a cross between hard rock and prog rock as they where heavy on the keyboards and there vocalist for this first record ( kenny driscol) had an amazing voice, these guys also were pretty great and heavy on the guitars as…

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