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Look at my fat ass cat sitting on my sofa like a human, winking… Look at it!


spacemosphere says:

ey baybee u want somma dis?

LadyHamartia says:

your cat looks like philip seymour hoffman

JohnnieTheShrubber says:

Moar catnip pleez

KidNickels says:

I have diabeetus

ishavedmybuttforthis says:

This cat is seriously pissing me off. Screw you, cat. You’re not better than me

SireBiscuit says:

“Well don’t just stand there, scratch. I dare ya.”

spicysausage says:

Hey Sugar, bring me a mouse when you come back.

thegreatgatsB says:

Looks like he is farting said someone else on another picture.

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