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Look out for that bear!


petrolio says:


vagabondmedic says:

I wish I could upvote this more than once. Best image I found this morning.

Jensend2 says:

+1 for polar bear

randomcommentsinc says:

as a man, i’m afraid to say i might enjoy it too much

imsuchasauveman says:

anyone else read the caption to the tune of tarzan “look out for that tree”? no?…..ok nevermind….

randomcommentsinc says:

in that case. do you wanna be friends and adopt polar bear cubs together?

randomcommentsinc says:

very well. this makes my day. glad to meet you, friend!

ColinCastro says:

5 years later he thought it would recognize him, the bear ate him all up instead.

yourmainsweeze says:

The feeling is mutual, new buddy!

randomcommentsinc says:

i just wish i had something cute to give you, as a token

yourmainsweeze says:

I don’t have any saved gifs better than that 🙁

yourmainsweeze says:

Or rather, that is relevant to this message thread.

RogueAnthropologist says:

He’s going to adorable me to death.

ajs72691 says:

I’m being overwhelmed with cuteness!


Reposted in less than a week.

githciwnu says:

Sooo sorry to say that but he won’t.

bannedforsomethinggay says:

look out for the repost!

trhawkins21 says:

In a short year this beautiful cute cuddle beast will be mauling your face off….. so enjoy….. love it….

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