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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta + Season 2 + Episode 11 In 3 Mins + VH1

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Na'jaira Dickens says:

All pretty to me

Amanda Brown says:

Kirk is such a dog!! Rasheeda u always seem so strong and together, I
absolutely love ur music, style, swagga but Kirk is definitely ur weakness.
U should’ve kicked his dirty ass to the curb the moment u found out. 

Na'jaira Dickens says:

All pretty to me

ericw1155 says:

U going to jail meaning u did something bad

Jim Jones says:

Erica is too sexy

Sylest Bell says:

K.michelle is so beautiful ..

Iris Bell says:

This is definitely not the life!!

Hooked Byhooks says:

Drew got TREATED!!!!

18beek says:

bitches in jacuzzi UGLY

Th3lite says:

I’m sorry to say this but this look like a lot of horrible acting!

ToManyX says:

Benzino need his own show and Stevie j needs one.

cbasenback says:

Scrappy little girl is so pretty.

PurpleSkyPink says:

Okay.! this is ratchetness

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