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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta + Season 2 + Episode 6 In 3 Mins + VH1

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TiffaniStarrthe1 says:

Mimi shutup ugh

paris steward says:

Stevie is sweet but he wouldn’t have all the problems he havein now if he
would have stayed with MiMi.

slimgirlsrocks says:

that bitch with the green jacket and white pants and blond weave needs to
lose some weight

slimgirlsrocks says:

kirk must not like children

slimgirlsrocks says:

omg kirk is soooooooooo mean

slimgirlsrocks says:

those white pants are too tight she look like she bout to bust out of them
bitch learn how to get some pants that fit lose some weight boo

mkaz k says:

She went from one asshole to another. Lol when will she learn


mimi thinks she so hard lolol foh

William Burgos says:

Mimi needs to catch a Bus driver uppercut tryna talk to a man like that- i
would so support a hailmaker bitch think she got a dick

Ndeye Marie says:

i Cant stand mimi why she talk like tht wtf ! -.-


Wat is this?!

Braulio Bermudez says:

Mimi is mad corny

H&M girl says:

Kirk is an idiot

frantz pieere-noel says:

2:00 she looks so RIHANNA

VeeeAce says:

is this supposed to be the new flavor of love

minnieappla dove says:

Sha Mac look like daffy duck

princetonboomb says:

Get them traci

H&M girl says:

This is my show!!!!

Carl Mitchell says:

All you Negros on that show. Are going backwards. African American race is
dead. And the white man makes money off you.

Latasha Law says:


Keke Wavy says:

Yo sha mac ugly azz stuff

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