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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta + Season 2 + Episode 7 In 3 Mins + VH1

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Lisa Jones says:

Mamad hate Erica 

becka payment says:

Lol joseline snuffed the shit outta Che Mack 

Fatima Ali says:

OMG scrappy’s teeth is just how about

Latasha Law says:


jaylajayla74 says:

Ariane is foyne, okay

Calvin johnson says:

damn i love goseline she so sexy and mimi i love her

Kiana Steele says:


kenhay75 says:

Che Mac,wouldv’e beat Joseline’s ass!!!

Jamie Applewhite says:

Joseline Hernandez a man

truebeefae357 says:

These people are the most dysfunctional folks I have ever seen on
television. No home training at all. They don’t value anything except
money. By any means necessary.

Princess Brown says:

MiMi wud beat sa fuck out of k.Michelle she wud get dat ass beat

40476 says:

mimi would get drop period

kazza125 says:

Watching mini talk like she’s some hood chick is funny!

Midori Taylor says:

@40476 why tf are you talking ?! Kirk is a manwhore, and Rasheeda was never
like that! So stfu.

mane198147 says:

Kirk need to be a man.

Iris Bell says:


Dorothy Cox says:

Hey i’m gone to miss u guys luv and hip hop …

ashley eaton says:

Second tho lmaoo

treysongslovetaih says:

Omg I love srcappy and Joseline and mimi lol and erica ma girl lol

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