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Love & Hip Hop NY~ recap ep10: Red Alert #LHHNY


rennexoxo says:

OMG yes Tara’s outfit and that wig was HORRIBLE!!!! Why lol..

FALQNetwork says:

Tara looked a hot ass mess. And like I’ve been saying since last season
Tahiry is full of shit. 

downtownchicagobarbi says:

Honestly I was happy to see T turn down Joe. I mean what kind of woman
would she be to say yes to a man who blantly disrespectful. Having
different women in their bed. It said she have some self-respect and pride.
Tara looked like a broke down little Kim and yandy is wrong for telling her
she looked good. Not a real friend. A hot mess. Erica mean isn’t a real
bisexual and give us a bad name she is playing with cyn heart. Anybody who
would talk to my woman like that would get a drink to the face or a chair.
She didn’t defend that girl at all. Rich want her because she’s happy with
someone else. Also they deserve each other because they both are messy.
They both need to grow up. And the two women fighting over Peter they have
low self-esteem. Fighting over a man who has nothing. What I want yo know
is what these women do for a living. 

Bubbl3sCupcake says:

I’m glad she said no he ain’t ready

Mel Mark says:

Erica is so annoying to me now..I used to feel bad for her lost ass but she
talkin like she’s that bitch now when I clearly remember her rocking
clothes from rainbow and Conway in past seasons, beggin rich for $40 to get
her nails done. Someone really needs to check her. She made me want to kick
her in her throat 

Sj Rose says:

You are so funny with your recap!

Kevin Drummond says:

What happened to Amina?

naturalbaby says:

i think joe tied his shoe and said you thought i was proposing. 

Briana Heer says:

Lmao. I love this. 

kecola says:

Tara’s makeover reminded me of those kind of friends that know their friend
can’t sing for shit but they tell them “yeah girl, go on American Idol”
lmao. Tahiry is just self-centered, period. Notice how she only talks about
HER problems and is never there for anyone else?

adrian antonio says:

Ti, there was this girl named kim Pham who was beaten to death over ruining
a picture. Here is a link.

Latoya Hensley says:

Hey ti, can you talk about this crazy story coming from California. Crazy
to the point you have to watch the video. Her is the website I found it

Deneen Coats says:

Tara looked ridiculous 2 the 5th power. The wig looked like a cat been
sucking on it & that outfit looked painful. I’m like “really Tara? You have
the biggest camel-toe EVER & your pulling @ it on tv?” Question? Is Dollar
& Gunz the only dudes in NY? Give Jessica a drink because she was thirsty
a** hell the way she was hanging on Rich especially when Erica arrived.
That scene seemed so scripted though *smh*

Greta Howard says:

Are they trying to make Tara look like a damn fool?

Anne Collazo says:

Amina suppose to be pregnant idk 

Areahna O'Rea says:

+lovelyti2013 I’m so glad you are getting your viewers back. I was kinda
upset at YouTube when you went on your hiatus, anyways I wanted to tell you
I like your videos where your just chillin’ in your room. 

likedbymany says:

I cant wait for love and hip hop LA with Brooke valentine and Ray j

Alicia Warren says:

This was a GREAT RECAP!! My thoughts exactly and Mona know she was wrong
for making us wait a damn whole week! Looking forward to the next review

Donita AlwayzBlazed says:

well he ask her and she said no if yall wanna know

MsSweetmademoiselle says:

I love your recaps 

Maya Nelson says:

Lovelyti, I would rather listen to your recap then watch the damn show!!!
You are so funny and everything you say has me rolling!!!! Keep on keepin

Enrique Cayette says:

I gotta watch it lol but I like Erica Mena she is too me the prettiest girl
on the show besides Yandy

GyrlBlaque says:

Rich and Erica are both CRAZY they belong together 

Glenda Windham says:

My favorite part is when the twin took his shirt off, YESS!!

annaisiomaful says:

I wonder what brand rich dollaz has lmao 

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