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Lucky Baseball Fan Snags Four Foul Balls In One Game

Greg Van Niel, a Cleveland Indians season ticket holder, did the impossible on Sunday: he caught four foul balls. Well, he technically only caught three balls, and just scooped up another one, but still, the man captured four foul balls.

Not all of his catches were caught on camera, but here’s what we have:

2. The classic catch.

3. The falling-backward-over-the-seats grab.

4. The lazy pick up.

5. And the “These balls mean nothing to me, even though I just dove for one. Here you go, kid!” move.

According to experts, the odds of catching four foul balls in a single game is “roughly one trillion to one.” And those weren’t even his seats! Van Niel told ESPN that he was sitting “one section over and it happened to be the lucky section [Sunday].” He also said that he’s never caught a foul ball before.

Man, if there was ever a day to buy a lotto ticket…

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