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Maersk Crew Members Blame Capt. Phillips for Hijacking

Some crew members aboard the hijacked Maersk Alabama now blame the ships captain for the hijacking. Some crew members say Capt. Richard Phillips ignored warn…

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NightHawkPW says:

People are just looking for money. They know they would probably get it too!

danny brown says:

These jokers think the world is one big happy organic farm. maybe he donates the film proceeds to Somali pirates.

prototype434 says:

Shut up you bigoted asshole.

danny brown says:

stubborn yankee captain

krishpatnaik says:

if u have ever seen a ship in real life or sailed on one , then u will know why its hard to sail into them !
they have techniques to board the vessel in ways that u cant ever imagine.. so learn more before blindly commenting ! and also save ur self some energy !

hamo says:

how can pirates hijack this ship? why dont they just sail into the pirates.., come on grow some balls for fuck sake…

Citizen8700 says:

This captain has been sailing this route for 2 yrs. the warnings are routine and are always broadcast. The pirates have been horrible there for many years even though it wasn’t reported until now. The route that was taken was a routine one and not out of the ordinary. If you believe that this was the captains fault and deserved to be hijacked for not heeding the warning then you must also believe that anyone that does not heed the speed limit on a highway deserves to die in a car crash.

terpis says:

Funny how he didn’t mention those warnings in any of the jpress he did, in the wake of the incident.

Might’ve seemed like a natural part of the story: “Well, you know, I recieved these SEVEN warnings to put 300 miles more water between us and the Somali coast, but figured it was a prudent exercise of my authority to ignore these warnings because…”

oneofusall says:

Go pirates! Captain phillip should go to prison and pay compensation to somalian pirates! He is clearly the person who should be blamed for everything!

dahoss65 says:

Here’s an idea. Let’s not blame the, uh, pirates!

190759ge says:

fantastic video ***** bye gio

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