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Man Finds 20 Maggots Living Under His Skin After Trip To Africa (Video)

A Chinese man spent six months in Africa for work and returned to find a series of red bumps all over one leg and one side of his abdomen.

The bumps hurt when he touched them and itched incessantly, but the man, known only as Mr. Ma, didn’t see a dermatologist until two weeks later when he came down with a high fever.

The doctor discovered the bumps to be breathing tubes for African tumbu fly maggots, winged parasites that feed on human tissue.

The 20 maggots were removed in a “minor” surgical procedure.

Images show the maggots were in their larvae stage upon removal.

According to The Straits Times, tumbu fly maggots are the leading cause of parasitic infection in East and Central Africa.

They have been known to lay eggs on wet clothes left out to dry and then make a home in the wearer’s skin.

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