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Martech news roundup: Salesforce, LinkedIn, Uberall + Trustpilot, AdRoll

In our roundup of this week’s martech news, we highlight:

  • Salesforce has added two new clouds, for each Consumer Goods and Manufacturing.
  • LinkedIn’s CMO posted that she will be stepping down at the end of the year.
  • Uberall announced a partnership with Trustpilot to simplify online reputation management.
  • AdRoll has released a new Brand Awareness solution for DTC marketers.
  • Chatmeter announced upgrades to Pulse and Analytics Studio for text and photo analysis.

Top stories in marketing technology this week:

Salesforce launches Consumer Goods and Manufacturing Clouds

What it is

Salesforce is adding two new clouds to its collection: a Manufacturing Cloud and a Consumer Goods Cloud.

As we covered in more detail here, the Manufacturing Cloud will be for sales and operations teams, and is intended to help forecast, plan and drive business in that sector.

The Consumer Goods Cloud is designed to boost the ability of retailers to get “the right products to the right stores at the right time.”

Why it matters

Both of these join Salesforce’s growing selection of industry-specific clouds, just as the Health Cloud and the Financial Services Cloud.

These specific additions hope to solve challenges such as the fact that nearly half of consumer goods leaders reported having no digital tools to track that “right products” flow, and that 95% of consumer goods are still sold in physical stores.

LinkedIn CMO to step down at end of year

What it is

As we covered here, Shannon Brayton, CMO of LinkedIn, announced in a LinkedIn post on Thursday that she’ll be leaving at the end of the year. Melissa Selcher, currently VP of Brand Marketing and Corporate Communications, will replace her.

Why it matters

She has been at the company since 2010. Since that time, LinkedIn has had its IPO, acquired multiple companies including Slideshare,, and Glint, and ultimately been acquired by Microsoft. Lots of action and accomplishments, and now she’s off for some well-earned time with friends and family (she hasn’t said if she’ll take another position after that).

Uberall partners with Trustpilot to simplify online reputation management

What it is

On Thursday, location marketing platform Uberall announced a partnership with independent review platform Trustpilot.

Now, customers will be able to manage and respond to Trustpilot reviews directly from Uberall.

Why it matters

Local search and online reputation management are both growing emphases within marketing. Google continues to create more sophistication around local search results — and consequently brands pay more attention to showing up in those search results. Furthermore, consumers search increasingly on the go, ready to purchase — which means those moments matter more.

AdRoll releases new Brand Awareness solution for DTC marketers

What it is

AdRoll announced on Tuesday the release of their new Brand Awareness solution.

They say it “will help DTC marketers predict and pinpoint their target customers who are most likely to engage and convert into sales.”

Why it matters

Per AdRoll, this solution differentiates itself from others in that:

“Unlike other awareness marketing offerings, which often assign all members of any particular audience the same value, AdRoll layers its proprietary machine-learning technology upon its audience targeting capabilities. This helps ensure each brand’s budget is spent on increasing awareness with the highest potential buyers for every unique campaign.”

Chatmeter upgrades Pulse and Analytics Studio for text and photo analysis

What it is

Chatmeter announced on Thursday announced enhancements to its text analysis tool, Pulse, and its custom reporting and data analysis offering, Chatmeter Analytics Studio.

Why it matters

Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase and over 90% of customers use reviews to help determine the quality of a local business.

For businesses with multiple locations, it can be particularly difficult to monitor and address customer reviews in a timely manner, much less discern actionable insights from trends that may affect more than one location.

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