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‘Meet the Jackass’? Meghan McCain lands talk show; Update: Mockery gold!/MeghanMcCain/status/316970340263804928

Meghan McCain is, like, totally getting her own show. Squee!

Oh, the humanity. These are the longest fifteen minutes ever. Meggie Mac teased the announcement last night via Twitter. Sans boob photo this time.

[email protected]allahpundit Put me down for McCain evolving on SSM 11 am. RT @meghanmccain Big news being announced tomorrow… stay tuned.

— RocksEm (@RocksEm) March 27, 2013

Big news being announced tomorrow… stay tuned.

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) March 26, 2013

Just to curb this, my big news – I’m not engaged or pregnant, and I really wouldn’t hold my breath on those two happening any time soon.

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) March 27, 2013

No one asked, toots.

Then came the news of the new “docu-talk” show on Pivot. Pivot?

All the info about PIVOT can be found at – more info coming soon! So excited! So honored to be part of the team!

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) March 27, 2013

The fact that Pivot gave you a show, and are calling it “Raising McCain,” is all the information we need to know, thanks. Well, except for this:

pivot is a new television network from Participant Media — the people that brought you movies and documentaries like Lincoln, Food, Inc., and An Inconvenient Truth.

Shocking. Said no one ever.

Presenting with PIVOT at up fronts this morning!…

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) March 27, 2013

Meghan and Cindy McCain at upfronts for Go Go Luckey’s new show “Raising…

— Go Go Luckey Ent. (@GoGoLuckeyEnt) March 27, 2013

We are very excited to announce our new show with @meghanmccain called Raising McCain on Participants new cable network PIVOT. More to come!

— Go Go Luckey Ent. (@GoGoLuckeyEnt) March 27, 2013

Here is @meghanmccain at the NYC Upfronts promoting our new show “Raising McCain” on Participant’s new network PIVOT…

— Go Go Luckey Ent. (@GoGoLuckeyEnt) March 27, 2013

Actor and comedian Michael Ian Black took a break from Twitter trolling backfires to swoon at the news.

Congrats to my writing partner @meghanmccain on her new TV show, “Raising McCain.” I’m not in it.

— Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) March 27, 2013

They are BFFs, you see. Other Twitter users didn’t swoon. They wondered what in the world did we all do to deserve this?

So Meghan McCain had scored a 10-episode current events show? #HeadDesk

— Rachelle Friberg (@RachelleFriberg) March 27, 2013

Meghan McCain likens her #Pivot talk show to “Meet the Press” meets “Jackass.”

— Gary Levin (@GaryMLevin) March 27, 2013

Yes, she did.

The only way I can describe my series is it’s meet the press meets jackass – on the road talk show, and it’s the opportunity of a lifetime!

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) March 27, 2013

LOL! Meghan McCain To Host ‘Raising McCain’ Talk Show On Pivot #tcot #tlot

— Dr. Schadenfreude (@PoliticsOfFear) March 27, 2013

@politicsoffear Wait. THAT was Meggie Mac’s Big News? “More me!”

— Chris Barnhart (@ChrisBarnhart) March 27, 2013

So Meggie Mac’s big news is that she’s going to a channel even smaller than Al-Gorezeera? lulz

— jdonels (@jdonels) March 27, 2013

Meghan McCain has a show now. I have a frozen pizza in my fridge and this eye twitch thing.

— Ramou Sarr (@Ramou) March 27, 2013

@djroe I can’t believe that’s not a CBS drama about a single mom named Meghan McCain trying to raise three kids by herself.

— Susan Collier (@susanpcollier) March 27, 2013

Nigh-illiterate Meghan McCain is going to get her own current events talk show. *smh*…

— Jimmie (@jimmiebjr) March 27, 2013

Does Meghan McCain realize her new show’s name is referencing a psychological thriller about a psycho with multiple personality disorder?

— Simon Owens (@simonowens) March 27, 2013

Here’s something to avoid- -> MT @meghanmccain: I am SO EXCITED to announce my first series “Raising McCain” will premiere this summer…

— @Jeff_Ellington1 (@Jeff_Ellington1) March 27, 2013

What the fresh hell is this?!…

— LilMissHoosier (@LilMissRightie) March 27, 2013

“@redalert: Meghan McCain to get her own talk show” It’ll be called “Principled: Except When It Counts.”

— Brendon Najm (@BrendonNajm) March 27, 2013

“Raising McCain,” a genre-bending docu-talk series starring and executive produced by the complex and accomplished Meghan McCain”

— Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) March 27, 2013

@noahcrothmanyour tweet about the Meggie show being by the “complex and accomplished Meghan McCain” was parody, right?

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) March 27, 2013

@meghanmccain So, it’s “Meet the Jackass”?

— Superman915 (@HugoOBravo) March 27, 2013

Zing. Will best bud Sandra Fluke be a guest? Conservative-bashing will be a staple, natch. See, Meggie is super cool and edgy and stuff, you stick-in-the-mud rubes! It’s totally far more more edgy to be a sheep like Meggie. Plus, she wears Uggs.

Stay tuned, and have the hurl bags ready.

Update: Aching. Sides.

#MeghanMcCainTVShowNames This is just a hashtag joke, right? Please God.

— Bruce Carroll (@BruceCarrollSC) March 27, 2013

Sadly, no. Well, we are laughing at her and not with her. But the show … it’s real. And it will not be spectacular. But, the mockery sure is.

“Raising McCain”? WTF? Surely we can think of better names for Meggie Mac’s new TV show #MeghanMcCainTVShowNames

— KBDaBear (@kbdabear) March 27, 2013


Bewbs & Co. & Stop Staring at My Bewbs. #MeghanMcCainTVShowNames

— Stephen Green (@VodkaPundit) March 28, 2013

#MeghanMcCainTVShowNames Like, Ohmigawd, I Totally Have My Own Show, You Guys!

— Alo Konsen (@OhioCoastie) March 27, 2013

#MeghanMcCainTVShowNames How I Met Your Mother and Scored a Beer Distributorship

— KBDaBear (@kbdabear) March 27, 2013

#MeghanMcCainTVShowNames Emoticon of idiocy

— Matt Dawson (@SaintRPh) March 28, 2013

Yay Attention! #MeghanMcCainTVShowNames

— Eric(@eriContrarian) March 28, 2013

Papa, Can You Hear Me? #MeghanMcCainTVShowNames

— Chris Barnhart (@ChrisBarnhart) March 28, 2013

Like, Issues and Stuff. #MeghanMcCainTVShowNames

— Stephen Green (@VodkaPundit) March 28, 2013

Piers Morgan Will Beat My Ratings#MeghanMcCainTVShowNames

— Eric(@eriContrarian) March 28, 2013

#MeghanMcCainTVShowNames An Emoticon of Intelligence

— Juliette Ochieng (@JulietteAkinyi) March 28, 2013

#MeghanMcCainTVShowNamesOMFG News!

— KingShamus-(D) (@KingShamus) March 28, 2013

#MeghanMcCainTVShowNames – American Idull

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) March 28, 2013

More, please!


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