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Meeting a Friend’s Racist Neighbors

The topic of Syria came up between this guy and his neighbor who said they just just nuke them all and free the camels. My friend asked me if I was offended …

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8digitPDX says:

Alex Ansarelli – Italian. Alex D’Ansare – French Alex Ansarov –
Russian Alex McAnsary – Irish. 

steverid says:

Thank you for posting this Alex. This is a very common conversation here
where I live as well. I would say that being born & raised & living in the
suburbs of Washington D.C. that I am basically in the heart of the
Military Industrial Complex. I hear a lot of people say the same thing
about the Middle East……..”just fuckin’ nuke em'” is the common thread I
hear. One would think that humans would have evolved beyond this now that
we have access to ALL kinds of information……I have very little hope for
our future. :(

propableself944 says:

i like the term biological consciousness in this context
For many people it seems to be a question of psychological or ego-Survival
to keep their high artificial feeling about themselfes intact that is based
on transference and assoziation with perceived greatness. Much of it is
also induced collectivist conditioning that builds on those tendencies of
disconnected humans that are created by neurotoxic poisons and the
corruption of families etc. 

meatOFTHEmind...mainSTATION. says:

The nagas tribes of India and Africa’s names have changed to nigger. That I
why people call them selfs niggas. And such. The nagas tribes were said to
have been created by a serpent goddess such as the Japanese and China’s
belief in dragons, thee half human half animal are of the genetic breeds of
the ancient times.nephilim.

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