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Memphis Bleek on NY Hip-Hop; Beanie Sigel; Tru Life; Yung Kha

Watch part 1, Memphis Bleek on Jay-Z’s “Diamonds” Remix Shout Out; Growing Up w/ Jay-Z Watch part 2, Memphis Bleek on His Name; T…

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DoggieNYC says:

theres good acts on the east coast and the west but right now they aint
gettn play on the radio. Snoop was talkn bout this on another vid. Go to NY
they playn south hits, go to La they playn South hits. Things will change
though, what goes round comes around. Fuck around lay around. Ha

Cocheese45 says:

Thisis50 is so wack. I feel sorry for that cross eyed clown always riding
that snitch Curtis’ dick. Be your own man, stop being a foot soldier tool.

Scream Man says:

dissing beans is a death wish(lyrically). Average Cat was the murder of
Gay Z

trufe4 says:

The argument of “southern” styles in new york is so hypocritical its
laughable. no one said shit when lil jon was runnin his bullshit 10 years
ago. not a peep when cats were switchin up, sellin out, n gettin rich off
it. Lean Back?, Real Gangstaz? and what about Nas introducin lil john to NY
and basically the world on the bravehearts. blame Nas. THE FACT IS THIS:
For some reason, biting styles has become acceptable to some in rap music.
I dont know how that came to be, its the ultimate hip hop sin. these biters
would never have made it to their 2nd show had i had anything to do with

9mm mack 11s says:

yall reptiles need to bring big L back

LaCheleWallace says:

Memphis, stop playin’ You know exactly what everybody’s talking about. I
don’t care what ya’ll say, deep down ya’ll want that signature NY hip-hop
sound back, but it’s never going to happen. Ya’ll are trying to smooth it
out and make people think that ya’ll have grown up by saying what everybody
else says so that you don’t seem like a hater- it’s not about the East or
South, it’s about good music. Please. And Memphis you haven’t done anything
in hip-hop in years. As I look back, what you’ve done flew under the radar.
Nobody remember that bullcrap. I can’t think of a Memphis Bleek hit to save
my life.

Tugrul Alpaslan says:

Tru life is latino from puerto rico and not a light skinned nigga

Julian Prince says:

Lol this nigga been out Shyne went in talking about he gonna get his “Just
Do” nigga.. Jay-Z even lied and said you’d be next and you see what
Lol I’m still bumpin that “Round Here” remix by him.. that’s about it..

As for Tru Life though, I hope he come out not on no Shyne shit but on some
Tupac shit.. I wanted to see how dude get down.. He probably turned muslim
on us….
Lol Dipset and them probably be scared to show they face when he come
home.. Including a few others.

MrBenny11ism says:

Yung Kha kinda nice. #salute

Terrill French says:

Yung Kha got BARS!!!!

BakemonoShiz says:

“we in the GOOD part of the jail” whaaaaa?! lmao

Jack black says:


ThaTruth223 says:

Was it jay or was it dame…and all fingers point to dame check the tapes


enjoyed this interview glad bleek back doing his thing

Baltimorehop says:

Shiiiit, Yung Kha got skillz.

ThaTruth223 says:


Johnny Echalonee says:

That man is lil Kiss with the banger bars stile and flow original stay up
Yung Kha!
Bleek keep it real you already know!

stryfetc1 says:

Kha is wack !!…sorry!!…no tenacity in his delivery,he sound boring!!

MrNickelodeon90 says:

wow i lost some respect after he said he always misses Trus phone call.
nigga you just not picking up the phone!!

MRIDDLE72 says:

LaCheleWallace you’re a whack ass bitch… i said some real shit about her
and i must have been spot on cause she erased my comment and then blocked
me from replying haha… i was right, you’re just another bitch trying to
get by on your looks, thats why these corny ass niggas is kissing your
ass.. whack bitch

Kingkev223 says:

That shit was average

Storming Norman says:

Yung Kha is okay.
A punchline flow, like Cassidy’s, would be more impressive.

Haze X says:

Young boy is flames.

trufe4 says:

El-P (NY) + Killer Mike (ATL) = amazing. stop your bitchin. 

triXXareN says:

13:45 hahaha, dead. 

Patrick Davidson says:

what’s the song playing in the background?

DreadfulControversy says:

He looks 45? It’s been that long? LMAO

Juan Santana says:

TRU LIFE Will Shit on anyone he speaks from the heart. He Real as it gets
from someone who from New York.

Dominique Cutler says:

Shit is too funny @ 2:40-2:50

deedee307 says:

Bleek could be one hit away his whole career
As long as I’m alive he’s a millionaire
And even if I die he’s in my will somewhere
So he could just kick back and chill somewhere
Oh yeah, he don’t even have to write rhymes

D. Rog says:

D.rog-im gone. Livest video out right now

AR Alonzo says:

I put 50 on TRU

ThePackers41 says:

Whatcha think a that! What’s good BLEEK

wayne muga says:


Chuck Wylde says:

Yo, that joint in the background is it folk.

jeremy pete says:

Damn thats an old flow…like late 90s

Brandon Hames says:

Hov a fag, bleek a fag. #GUNIT

ScalpingIzUs says:

“That is almost 80% gay” lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bleek you made me
laugh hard ass hell!


Dude at the end spit fiya

ericjigga2 says:

dats tah tah’s kid for sure,
hes de fkin image ofim

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